Next generation digital solutions.

Next generation digital solutions.

Algihaz is committed to investing in the creation of integrated digital infrastructure to meet the needs of the 4th Industrial Revolution and our region’s technology and telecom transformation.

From logistics to renewable energy, connectivity and information technology integration is essential for the future of the essential service sectors. Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 calls for a greater “knowledge economy,” and our investment to support this growth is focused on innovation in big data, cloud services, Data Centers, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cognitive cities, drones, robotics, blockchain and other smart-technologies.

Digital Society

Building digital platforms that enable growth and enhance services for citizens, visitors and businesses. Reinforcing the capacity and security of infrastructure enabling the expansion of digital platforms.

Digital Economy

Leading the digital economy, increasing contribution to GDP and creating new job opportunities. Focusing on technology innovation to transform our customers’ experience.

Digital Nation

Global leader in e-government, offering high quality and efficient services, and fostering a digital by default culture.

Worldwide Digital Hub

Global leader in connectivity, mobility and content provider to serve tourism, industrial, transportation, economy and the modern cognitive nations.

We are committed to developing the advanced technologies that drive the 4th Industrial revolution to drive economic development and create positive social impact.”

Industrial Solutions Case Studies

  • Digital Twin solutions and the transformation of Oil and Gas

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