Expanding new horizons

Growth and sustainability.

Algihaz is an investment holding company based in Saudi Arabia with a demonstrated track record of success in Construction, Energy,Industrial Solutions,and Investment. We combine global partnerships, that bring best-in-class expertise in our target sectors, with long-term and trusted relationships, robust local capability, and market expertise.


Founded by Saeed Ali Al-Angari in 1975, Algihaz has grown from a construction contracting company to a multi-billion riyal strategic investment group. Our passion, dedication, and strong partnerships have allowed us to develop expertise and drive innovation across a range of sectors that will positively impact our communities for generations to come.

Our roots are deep. Our reach is global.

We’re proud of our achievements and we are focused on continued growth and evolution, as a company, and in the services we provide for our customers.


When I founded Algihaz in 1975, we seized many opportunities in power and construction because of a growing Saudi Arabia. Today, new business areas have been identified and introduced, particularly in automation, renewable energy, information, and communication technologies. So once again, Algihaz has an advantageous position during another stage of growth for the Kingdom. We are riding the wave of development and technology with strength while preserving our cultural heritage and values.

Saeed Al Angari, Founder and Chairman

Our Group


Committed to sustainability

Algihaz strives to create a culture and business practices centered around transparency and collaboration. These values, combined with a robust financial foundation, power our growth and support the local community and our company’s environment impact.

Find out about our corporate priorities and the ways we are supporting the wellbeing of all our team members and partners through progressive governance and a commitment to social responsibility.

It’s about more than just us, we are equally committed to being a leader in the realization of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the transformation of our nation’s economy and society.

A commitment to delivering Saudi Vision 2030

An ambitious vision for an ambitious nation

Algihaz Holding remains committed to being a key enabler of Saudi Vision 2030, a bold and ambitious drive to reduce Saudi Arabia’s dependence on hydrocarbon exports, and build a broad-based economy for a sustainable future.

Algihaz holding is dedicated to empowering and developing Saudi Nationals by leveraging its core strengths in infrastructure, renewable energy, healthcare, real estate and experiential sectors.

Our strategic investments and development of our people continues to play a central role is transforming Saudi Vision into reality.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

At Algihaz Holding we are proud to manage our operations responsibly and, in a similar vein, we seek responsible investment. As such, we have developed and are in the process of implementing a robust and systemic approach to ESG at the corporate level. This includes a framework for our investment activities to ensure that we continue to achieve sustainable growth while conserving resources for our planet and making a positive impact for all those in our communities. Our ESG values are developed as follows:

The identification, assessment and responsible management of ESG risks and opportunities is essential to the sustainable long-term development of our assets and the communities in which they operate.

ESG considerations are embedded within our investment decision-making approach and the asset management governance that inform the way in which our portfolio companies assess and improve their performance.

We partner with our portfolio investments to share best practice and drive positive change. We seek to improve working conditions, minimize environmental impact and preserve the cultural heritage of the communities in which we invest.

Giving back to the community

Contribution to our community is an important part of our culture. We continually strive to fulfill our commitments through the collaborative efforts of the Algihaz board, our employees, along with our customers. Together we work to improve the quality of life in our communities through educational, social, cultural, environmental and economical outreach and development.

Research Olive Chair contribution

Signing ceremony of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ali Al-Angari “Research Olive chair” construction This project provided a comprehensive report on vegetation mapping that was a base for the next phase of the inventory and mapping of wild olive trees in the region of Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia. This research formed an important part of understanding how to preserve and foster wild olive trees in their native environment.

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