Digital Twin solutions and the transformation of Oil and Gas

Digital Twin

A Digital Twin is a digital interactive 3D model of a physical object or industrial process used for planning, design, construction, support, and maintenance.  Their value comes in their potential to redefine ways of working by coordinating data into a living model that builds efficiency and reduces waste and downtime. Artificial Intelligence Global Company has partnered with Aveva, a subsidiary of Schneider, as the software provider of our Digital Twin solutions.

AIGC focus on innovation within oil and gas and we believe that digital transformation in this sector can lead to significant savings, increased profit, and better environmental stewardship. Digital Twin technology, and digital transformation in oil and gas, allows companies to accurately collect data and to create living data ecosystems for effective predictive physical plant and process management. For example, unplanned downtime costs oil and gas companies an average of $38 million annually. Using a data-based Digital Twin solution to implement a predictive approach leads to a 36% reduction in downtime, compared to traditional methods. AIGC is invested in the future of our industry and to a digital transformation that has triple bottom line impact.

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