Smart Metering: The Nation’s largest digital transformation project

The Smart Metering Project, launched by the Saudi Electricity Company, was a year-long, nation-wide push to replace 10 million old mechanical power and water meters with new smart digital meters.

The Smart Metering Project

Algihaz, with Chinese partner, CET, was contracted to install 2 million residential and commercial smart meters in Mecca and the southern portion of the county. Mobilizing quickly despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Algihaz was able to achieve record installation time in Mecca City, ahead of schedule and before all other locations.

Key benefits of the transition to smart meters for the end user include:

  • Improved efficiency, with the ability to monitor consumption in real time
  • Better customer experience, immediately accessible through smart phone app
  • Accurate data, with fully automated readings and billing
  • Optimization, with the ability to adjust consumption to maximize efficiency


Key benefits for the utility, Saudi Electricity Company include:

  • Digital transformation enables better customer service
  • Increased sales
  • Ability to restore and disconnect power remotely and immediately
  • Fully automated meter reading and billing process
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