Powering Hawar Island: Saudi’s first EPC Contractor for submarine power

Hawar Subsea Cabling

The purpose of this challenging project to install subsea cabling from Bahrain to Hawar Island is to supply electricity to the island and to connect it to the overall country power network. Hawar Island is located in the Gulf of Bahrain, 25km offshore from Bahrain and 12km from Qatar. The Hawar Subsea project is a joint venture between Algihaz Contracting and Enshore Subsea, is valued at over 500M SAR and is led by the Saudi Fund for Development.

Planned to be undertaken in two phases, the first phase calls for the installation of 3 subsea circuits, each 25km in length, followed by the underground installation of 3 circuits, each 5km long. Environmental consultants will be employed to ensure the safety of mammal and birdlife throughout the project. The team will complete the geotechnical seabed surveys before commencing cabling works during Q4 2021, with a completion date set for Q2 2022.

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