Algihaz Contract completes large, complicated power construction project capable of connecting Saudi Arabia with Egypt


Algihaz Contracting provided all design, engineering, material procurement, quality management, factory inspection/testing, logistics, construction, site inspection, testing and commissioning for the construction and delivery of the new TABUK 380/132/33kV BSP and associated facilities. The purpose of the project was to connect the Tabuk area to the Saudi unified electricity network and to be the linking points for a proposed electricity connection between Saudi and Egypt.

This very large power construction project was executed on a tight time schedule – 24 months for 380 KV level and 27 months for 550 KV GIS equipment. Challenges included the first supply of 550 KV GIS equipment in Saudi Arabia to be capable for the connection with HVDC station for the connection between Saudi & Egypt. Additionally, the site conditions were hard rock requiring blasting and significant complicated civil works. Algihaz Contracting’s comprehensive project plan and management strategies, combined with strong financials, an effective team and expert resources were keys to the success of the project.

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