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AlGihaz is committed to maintaining high standard of Health, Safety, and environment performance across all our business activities in accordance with excellent relevant practices, standard, and regulations.

AlGihaz contracting recognizes that the protection of the safety, health, and environment of our employees, clients, subcontractors and the communities in which we operate is fundamental to the success of our company.

AlGihaz is committed to:
  • Systematically identify, assess, and manage the operational hazards, risks to employees, contractors, stake holders, the business and the environment.
  • Maintain safe and healthy working environment in compliance with applicable health, safety and environmental regulations.
  • Establishes a continuous improvement process for the implementation of the HSE Policy
  • Keep monitoring and auditing to ensure risks and requirements are being identified, assessed and managed.
  • Implement corrective actions and recommendations for HSE improvement.
To meet our commitments, we shall:
  • Work in a safe and environment friendly manner.
  • Comply with or exceed all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Identify hazards via pre-risk assessment and simulation to minimize potential risks.
  • Conduct rigorous internal and external auditing to ensure compliance with the requirements of applicable regulations.
  • Monitor the use of hazardous materials and their use where possible by utilizing safer alternatives to ensure the minimum impact on people and the environment.
  • Develop and maintain emergency procedures in co-operation, where necessary.
  • Conduct investigation to identify and analyze the exact cause of accidents to prevent recurrences.
  • Ensure all members of staffs and subcontractors are trained in HSE techniques via training courses and familiarizes them with best safe practices.

For the purpose of implementing the above commitments, AlGhihaz has put HSE management system in place meeting OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 requirments. The company management duty is to make sure that, employees, subcontractors, have the responsibilities to company and adhere to this policy at all the time for all of our activities.