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Saudi Modelcraft

Modelcraft is a creative consultancy that provides high impact presentation solutions to the property, oil and gas, marketing, design and construction industries.

We provide a full range of digital presentations including holographic displays, Augmented Reality presentations, interactive touchscreens, tablet Apps and of course all the digital media such as CG images, CG animations and DVD presentations (in house post-production, with HD filming & editing, green screen studio, and audio recording capabilities).

Collaboration is an exhibition production company dedicated to the practice of multi-media based exhibition development. Founded in 2010, our mission and approach are highly specialized in the intellectual, practical, and technological tasks of out fitting, curating, and launching exhibitions of contemporary practice. From conceptualization to launch, collaboration delivers showcase quality productions of International scope and impact.

As a leader in its field technologically, collaboration brings dynamic, digital ecosystems to exhibitions, permanent and temporary, to a broad audience in the Middle East and beyond.


Our highly skilled professionals are specialized in international engineering & fit out- creative direction- workshop drawings- showcase specialist fabricators- signage and graphics-gallery and object lighting- audio visual and it equipment as well as back end, and viewer facing development- object mounting- storage systems-art handling and exhibition logistics