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The communication business line in AlGihaz is providing Automation, information and communication technologies (AICT) Solutions and Services for our prestigious clients in Saudi Arabia such as STC and Mobily.

AlGihaz has two companies serving this sector: Power Horizon and Digital Print.

They provide services in design, integration, maintenance, upgrades, implementations, deployment, and training. Services provided focus on mission critical component of our clients’ business.

Power Horizon
It’s your choice for mobile networks, data centers, high speed WiFi, developing and provisioning SIM cards and traffic optimization.

Power Horizon strives to continue being a market leader as a national and international telecommunication solutions provider by utilizing its largest asset: the shared vision and belief of every one of our team members that customer satisfaction is simply paramount to our and your success.


Our expert team is committed to providing the very best in state-of-the-art telecommunication solutions and products and specialized training courses to a diverse professional, academic and consumer audience.

Tailor-made to our customers’ needs and satisfaction, all projects are undertaken within an atmosphereof collective continuous improvement in order to enhance your business.


Power Horizon combines expertise from the telecommunications and IT spheres to deliver integrated managed communication solutions to our existing portfolio of high-profile vendors and clients. We of course are pleased to offer such expertise and solutions to our prospective clients and vendors too and offer them a complete range of high profile telecommunication services.

We focus on the development of infrastructure and application products that empower operators and service providers to offer new value-added services to their customers, enabling them to produce higher returns and prevail over the ever increasing competition.

We represent complementary global companies, particularly from Europe and the USA, and we are continually developing and progressing in emerging technology.

We are an excellent and valuable resource for the telecommunications industry which is reflected by our impressive client base and we also provide many of our clients with the systems analysis, integration and program management skills necessary to manage their mission systems development and operations.

However, our ultimate focus always remains the same: to deliver excellent telecommunication solutions and implement such in a timely and efficient manner coupled by excellent client follow-up and high performance training courses.


With stringent quality control measurements implemented at every level, we clearly and confidently demonstrate our eagerness and ability to provide consistently first-rate products that continually meet the high standards of our own and customer expectations, and which exceed the industry’s regulatory requirements.

In doing such, we are pleased to convey that all Power Horizon products are manufactured and consequently processed in compliance to international standards.

Our Team

In addition to attaining customer satisfaction, we recognize that our rapidly expanding Power Horizon team, comprising of 40 engineers and 90 technicians, is one of our most valuable assets and whose welfare is paramount to the successful operations of Power Horizon. Teamwork and unconditional respect for one other throughout the workforce, both horizontally and vertically, is the very core of Power Horizon’s beliefs and values and which enables us to deliver efficient services to our clients in all its forms. Expert within the realms of Telecommunication solutions, we endeavor to constantly update the skills of the Power Horizon team in order to satisfy the very needs of customer requirements.

Our Partners

Power Horizon is a representative of a group of world famous companies relationships that we have developed and forged with our vendors. We are constantly working closely together in order to deliver the latest available technologies to our clients.

Digital Print
We help our clients to provide secure and convenient communication services to their customers with safer and easier solution to transact, connect and identify themselves.

Our vision is to facilitate the adoption and propagation of safe and secure communication among communities, individuals and the world at large by teaming up with best in class technology providers.


Our mission is to deliver first class products and services with well-trained and proficient professionals in the field of smart card technology and associated services to mobile operators, financial institutions, governments, transport operators, corporates and conditional access system providers.


“Digital Print has a strategic partnership with the one of the largest provider of security and identification based on smart card technology and associated services for mobile, payment, transport and convergence markets.

Dedicated marketing, sales and technical support teams work with our customers on a daily basis, anticipating their demands, making proactive proposals and helping them develop their flagship projects. By managing a global portfolio of SIM platforms and applications, we are also able to respond to customer needs expeditiously and diligently and thus meet their expectations with confidence.

Digital Print, along with our partners GEMALTO, can design, develop and deliver state-of-the-art Over The Air (OTA) solutions and are ideal partners to grow customer’s value-added services and customer relationship management.”

Our Solutions
  • Telecommunication:We brings deep security expertise and rich software innovation to mobile communication services as a pioneering provider of identification, transactions and optimization solutions for wireless consumer devices and industrial machines.
  • Machine to MachineOur M2M solution is enabling solutions in industries ranging from healthcare, retail services, smart energy, transportation, logistics, and automotive. Communication between machines enables innovative advances in technology. We through our industry partner are at the forefront in developing M2M capabilities that are improving and simplifying the way you do business.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) ecosystemThrough our renowned business partner, we are developing an interoperable and standard solution that end users can use with different mobile operators, transport authorities and banks. The NFC solution is composed of dedicated turnkey solution for the benefits of the NFC ecosystem.